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Computer Spyware Services in Selkirk

Repair your laptop's software with my wide range of computer spyware services. Based in Selkirk, I specialise in providing a selection of computer virus services. Whether it's your software or hardware that needs intervention, I'm available to fix the lot

Software Solutions

If a laptop or computer is not running properly or is misbehaving, it's usually due to some kind of virus or spyware. This could be anything from the computer system slowing down, visiting rogue sites, and unnecessary data pop ups. This service is more for domestic customers, as many people don't understand about pop ups and virus links

My Fixing Process

I will take in the computer and assess the situation before taking control and solving the problem. I have software that is able to remove viruses from your system that will allow your computer to run normally

Anti-Virus Solutions

I'm able to advise customers on what anti-virus software they should use to prevent any problems occurring. If you would like to purchase any anti-virus software from me directly, this will cost extra, but I'm able to install it immediately. Prices vary depending on how badly your computer is infested and how long it will take to remove the problem

Contact me for more information about computer spyware services and computer virus services in the Scottish Borders Area